Community Service

Since its inception, a core part of The William Paca Club’s mission has been to participate in civic duties in the community.  Initially, during the Great Depression, members of the club provided assistance to town citizens during their time of need, which included assistance for some to become legitimate citizens of The United States of America.

Our community service remains an extremely important part of the club today.  We support our community in various ways, assisting and being members of local entities, including the police department, fire department and the rescue squad.

We also participate in many organizations that assist the children of our community, including the Boy Scouts of America, The Girl Scouts of America and coaching of our community’s children’s sports clubs.  In addition, we are proud to have the William Paca Club annual scholarship, an important contribution to education for our community’s children.

The William Paca proudly supports our military through many events and fundraisers that support the United States Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines.

More information

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